Do you provide custom hosting plans?

Every VPS deployed in one of our three data centers in the US and Europe is completely customizable. You can decide how many CPU cores, how much RAM or disk space you want to have on your server. You also get to pick a control panel, a web server, and the number of backups.

Do you provide custom hosting plans?

Shared hosting plans cannot be customized.



Working in the web hosting industry for over 13 years, Rado has inevitably got some insight into the industry. A digital marketer by education, Rado is always putting himself in the client's shoes, trying to see what's best for THEM first. A man of the fine detail, you can often find him spending 10+ minutes wondering over a missing comma or slightly skewed design.


  1. Reece

    April 4, 2020 / 00:23

    Hi, I just opened an account with you. I also have a company that will be a provider of big services and may need custom solutions, which would be separate to my current account now. It would most likely need our own custom cloud/dedicated cluster. Is this something Scala can offer? So, we will have our own network/cluster of servers that everything will run on and will keep adding more over time

  2. ScalaHosting
    ScalaHosting Staff

    June 29, 2020 / 18:34

    Hi Reece. Absolutely. You can fine-tune your managed VPS to fit your custom requirements. Please look at

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