Why should I choose ScalaHosting?

ScalaHosting has been in the web hosting business for well over a decade now. Throughout the years, we’ve helped thousands of projects get off the ground, and we’ve learned everything there is to learn about how to provide the fastest, most reliable service at the lowest possible price.

We have servers in three data centers in the US and Europe, and thanks to our partnership with global cloud service providers AWS and DigitalOcean, you can host your website in one of 28 locations spread across the globe.

In addition to providing you with optimized servers in multiple locations, we’ve also invested a lot of time and effort into providing quick support and an excellent overall experience. Our customer service department has built a reputation for blistering response times and efficient resolutions to even the most complicated problems.

Last but not least, your ScalaHosting account gives you many unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, even the cheapest shared plans are equipped with the SShield –  a proprietary security system developed by ScalaHosting that uses artificial intelligence to block almost all known attacks. Our customers also have daily backups that are stored on a remote server to ensure that should something go wrong, they can restore their websites quickly and easily. And if you opt for our managed VPS solutions, you can get SPanel – an all-in-one management platform designed specifically for virtual private server solutions.

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Working in the web hosting industry for over 13 years, Rado has inevitably got some insight into the industry. A digital marketer by education, Rado is always putting himself in the client's shoes, trying to see what's best for THEM first. A man of the fine detail, you can often find him spending 10+ minutes wondering over a missing comma or slightly skewed design.

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