Common FTP Errors

When trying to establish an FTP connection to a server, you may come across a message that says, “Could not connect to server,”  this is called an FTP error. 

Most FTP errors occur due to a connection problem between the FTP client and server, and in most cases, it displays the exact error message.

If you’d like to understand the most common FTP errors better, you are in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll not only explore the common FTP errors, we will also walk you through how to fix each mistake.

If you are ready, let’s get to it.

List of Common FTP Errors

Here is a list of common FTP errors:

  • “530 Login authentication failed”
  • “530 Sorry, but I can’t trust you.”
  • “EAI_NONAME – Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known”
  • “ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server”
  •  “FTP connection timed out”
  • “Your bandwidth usage is restricted.”

“530 Login authentication failed”

This error message is displayed when you input the wrong FTP credentials during the login process.

To fix this error, you would have to type in the correct login credentials. If you can’t remember your login credentials, simply go to your web hosting control panel and reset the FTP account’s password.

“530 Sorry, but I can’t trust you.”

This error message is displayed when the server cannot locate the root directory folder.

To fix this error, you need to check that your root directory’s exact path in your ScalaHosting account is correct. You can do this by using the following steps:

Login to ScalaHosting

Common FTP Errors, “530 Sorry, but I can’t trust you.”

Go to the Files section, click on FTP Accounts

Common FTP Errors, “530 Sorry, but I can’t trust you.” 2

Scroll down to see your root directory

Common FTP Errors, “530 Sorry, but I can’t trust you.” 3

If it is not available, you can create one by creating a new FTP account.

Common FTP Errors, “530 Sorry, but I can’t trust you.” 4

“EAI_NONAME – Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known.”

This error also occurs when the server hostname was not correctly specified when trying to establish a connection.

To fix this error, simply verify that your FTP username is correct.

“ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server.”

This error happens when the FTP port number is incorrect. The default port number is 21, and anything aside from this could lead to an FTP error.

“FTP connection timed out”

There are some reasons why this occurs. It can occur as a result of a slow internet connection. In this case, you would have to change your internet connection or contact your Internet Service Provider.

An “FTP connection timeout error” can also be resolved by increasing the timeout session via your FTP client.

“Your bandwidth usage is restricted”

As the name implies, this error occurs when there is a restriction on bandwidth usage.

FTP Socket Errors

When trying to establish an FTP connection, the client connects to the server through a socket. If the connection is successful, this socket gets plugged into the server port. A communication link between the server and client is then created by reading from or writing to their sockets.

As this happens, the server creates a new socket to receive connection requests from other clients while maintaining its original connection.

An FTP Socket Error occurs when there is a breach in communication between the client and server, which prevents the socket from binding to the port. An installed firewall or antivirus could cause this breach. 

Also, a break in the network connection even after a successful connection to the server can return an FTP socket error.

List of FTP Socket Errors

Here is a list of the common FTP Socket errors.

11001 – Host not found

The server returns this socket error when it fails to recognize your hostname or IP address.

To fix this error, confirm that the hostname or IP address you entered is correct.

11004 – Valid name, no data record of the requested type

This error also suggests an incorrect hostname or IP address. It could also occur when a firewall is blocking the connection.

To fix this error, enter your IP address or hostname correctly and not the host URL. You could also try turning off any firewall software that is running on your system.

10061 – Connection refused

This error can occur if a firewall is preventing the connection. It can also occur when the FTP server is not communicating with the port. The hostname might be correct, but as long as the server is not listening to the port, the connection will fail and return a 10061 error.

To fix this error, stop any firewall that is currently running on your system. Also, check that the port number is correct.

10093 – Connection failed.

A connection failed error is returned when there is network downtime. In this case, the server is no longer connected to your network.

You should try switching networks or contact your Internet Service Provider if the error persists.

10039 – Destination address required.

This is another error that occurs as a result of an issue with the IP address or hostname. 

When you get this error message, try entering your server and domain name instead. That is,, instead of an IP address.

10052 – Network dropped connection on reset.

If the host you are connected to crashes or reboots, a ”network dropped connection on reset” error message will be returned. 

To solve this issue, try reconnecting again after a few minutes.

10054 – Connection reset by peer.

When the peer application is closed or suddenly stops working, a 10054 error is returned.

This error also occurs when the host network is disabled or the remote host crashes.

To fix the connection reset by peer error, try restarting the host application or your network connection.

10022 – Invalid argument.

An invalid argument error is sent when the socket is not communicating with the client and server.

The error message is also returned when an installed firewall blocks communication between the client and server.

To fix this error, try pausing any firewall application or restarting the host application.


We have just walked you through the common error messages or codes that can be returned while trying to establish an FTP connection. 

We’ve also seen possible ways to resolve these errors.

If you have encountered an error message or code that is not listed above, please leave us a comment or contact our support team and we will be glad to help you out. team.

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