Add my email to Apple Mail

Apple Mail, also known as Mac Mail or the Mail, is Apple’s email client. It allows users to add and manage different email accounts in one place, enabling mac users to stay organized. 

Adding an email account to your Apple Mail allows you to receive your emails on your mac devices and respond to them on the go, instead of logging online to read or send emails.

This article outlines the steps for adding an email account to the Mail app.

Let’s quickly get to it. 

But first, here are things you’d need to have handy:

  • Your email address
  • The email password
  • You’d need to decide the incoming email protocol to use (IMAP or POP)
  • Your incoming and outgoing server settings
  • Your Spanel login credentials (if you don’t have the email server settings)

So, let’s dive in.

Open the Mac Mail.

If you haven’t added any email account to the app, Mac will prompt you to do so the first time you open Apple Mail, taking you straight to choosing a mail account provider.

Add my email to Apple Mail

But if you’ve set up an account before and want to add a new email account, click Mail on the menu and then Add Account to get to the ‘Choose a Mail account provider…’ screen.

  • Select iCloud if you’re adding an iCloud email account.
  • Use Exchange to add a Microsoft Exchange email account
  • Selecting Google helps you add a Gmail account to the Apple Mail
  • Connect a Yahoo mail account by selecting Yahoo!
  • Click Aol to add an Aol Mail account to the app.
  • Other Mail Account option enables you to add a workspace email account.

For most of the options (iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo! and Aol), you don’t need to do much; just enter your email address and password following the onscreen instructions, and Mac will take care of the rest.

But following these steps helps you to add a workplace email in a few clicks.

Type your name, your workspace email address, and the password in the appropriate text boxes and click Sign In.

Add my email to Apple Mail

Clicking the button takes you to a new screen, and you might see an error message “Unable to verify account name or password.”

Ignore the error and select the account type.

Add my email to Apple Mail

Select IMAP if you want your messages accessible from other devices or POP to access your emails only on the device you are adding it to. 

We strongly recommend you connect using IMAP. You could learn more about IMAP and POP here.

Enter your Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server and click the Sign In button.

Follow these steps to get your email server settings if you don’t have them.

Log in to your Spanel account—an all-in-one Scalahosting’s control panel.

Add my email to Apple Mail

On the dashboard, click Email Account under the Email section to access your active email accounts.

Scroll to the email account you intend to add to Apple Mail, click the blue-Action button, then Connect device.

Add my email to Apple Mail

Spanel displays a pop-up containing your incoming and outgoing server settings.

After entering your server setting and signing in, select the features you want to use with the account and click Done to complete the setup.

Add my email to Apple Mail

Mac will populate the inbox with your email messages. 

If you’ve added other accounts, click the disclosure arrow next to the inbox to navigate quickly to any mailbox to see only the messages for that account.

Add my email to Apple Mail

That’s it.

If you run into issues setting up your Apple mail, kindly visit our support team for quick assistance.



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