Hosted Spam Filtering

Hosted Spam Filtering

About 124.5 billion emails are flying around the internet every day, connecting us and aiding our personal and business communications.  But not all emails are meaningful or solicited — we also have spam.

The following review includes essential information, such as:

Why do you need hosted spam filtering?

How to choose the best hosted spam filtering solution?

Scala Hosting Spam Filtering

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Еveryone has probably dealt with email ads about viagra pills or weight loss programs. Irritating, but you can just delete them. More elaborate spam schemes today include email spoofing, phishing, money scams, and malware injections.

Some researches reveal spam accounts for up to 45% of daily messages. Others put that number as high as 73%. Whatever the exact figure, we are talking about billions of emails with potentially harmful effects on your online experience.

Luckily, reliable hosting providers acknowledge the problem and come prepared with advanced hosted spam filtering solutions. 

Why do you need hosted spam filtering?

Spam comes in many shapes and forms. Ever heard the one about the super-wealthy Nigerian prince that wants to send you hundreds of millions, and you just need to take care of some minor transaction fees? As funny as it sounds, a 2019 survey among Americans recorded over $70,000 are still lost yearly to this evergreen scam.

Digging deeper, there are plenty of other reasons to opt-in for a hosted spam filtering service.

Imagine you run a company employing 100 people. Each of them receives an average of five spam messages a day. It takes them 4-5 seconds to determine if the email is legitimate and delete it if not. 

Even if they remove all messages in bulk, that would still be over 2,400 minutes per year. So, you are losing more than 10 hours in productivity yearly just because of some pesky emails.

What if the user accidentally clicks the unsolicited message and opens a pathway to potential hacker attacks, viruses, or even identity theft? The hosted email spam filtering solution can save you a lot of headaches. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Monitoring all email communication
  • Advanced network protection against known spam vulnerabilities
  • Blocking unauthorized hacker access
  • Setting up customized filters
  • Optimizing the business workflow
  • Detailed statistics and analytics

Realizing the need for a spam filter is one thing, but finding the right software is equally important.

How to choose the best hosted spam filtering solution?

There are plenty of hosted spam filters under the sun. Some excel in detecting unsolicited messages, while others are better-versed in IP blacklisting/whitelisting. It comes down to your personal needs, but you can make a more informed choice if you just ask the right questions:

  • What features does the hosted spam filtering include?
  • Do you have hands-on control over the email filters?
  • Does the solution include anti-virus software? How effective is it?
  • Is detection and quarantining automated? How easy is it to customize it?
  • Does the spam filter come with support from your hosting provider?
  • Are there any extra fees, or everything comes included in your package?

Those sound like simple questions, but can easily make a difference and aid you in choosing the best hosted spam filtering service to fit your business.

Here’s the real kicker — spam filtering is of great importance to Scala as well, so all our shared and Cloud Managed VPS packages come pre-equipped with a top-of-the-line anti-spam solution.

Scala Hosting Spam Filtering

ScalaHosting partners up with SpamExperts to help secure your email workflow and bring full control over your communications. SE offers an industry-leading spam filtering tool, often utilized by web hosts, ISPs, and telecommunication operators.

The platform is a master at recognizing online threats. So much so, that SpamExperts identifies 99.98% of malware spam and viruses. This means the system prevents almost all hacker attacks before they even reach the server. You will get alerts and notifications of the detected threat, but most often, the system will block or quarantine the infected files automatically.

Spam can also damage your online reputation. Imagine you are trying to close a profitable business deal, and it all goes south because your emails are marked as spam by the receiving server. 

Our hosted spam filtering software protects not only your incoming but outgoing communications as well. You can easily keep your brand image spotless by preventing IP blacklisting, email hijacking, and phishing attempts from your emails. 

The client is in full control with SpamExperts. Through a user-friendly interface, they can set up custom filters, blacklist/whitelist IPs, arrange queues during downtimes

Email backups are also part of the deal. Our hosted spam filtering lets you archive your online communication at any given time and keep a copy on a safe offsite location. This way, even if there is an unauthorized breach and you lose your emails, there is still Plan B. 

Final Takes

The verdict is clear — spam is annoying, dangerous, and often illegal.

In a world where every other email is unsolicited, you cannot afford to go without a reliable hosted spam filtering solution. Such a platform can help any business optimize its workflow, raise its productivity, and keep its online reputation immaculate

There are many choices on the market, and you should always watch out for the mission-critical essentials — monitoring, alerts, automated spam prevention, malware detection, etc.

In the end, it all boils down to your specific needs, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for web and email security, do check our proprietary SShield solution that comes with all Cloud VPS plans. 


Q: What is a third party anti-spam filter?

A: The difference between proprietary and third-party spam tools is the same as the distinction between hosted and self-hosted platforms — it all comes down to who hosts the software. 

There are plenty of choices out there if you are not satisfied with what your provider can offer. The thing is, once you purchase a software license from a third party, you still need to find hosting for it. So, the enhanced control and freedom of such tools often relate to higher associated costs.

Q: What is the best free spam blocker?

A: Many of the spam filtering tools online offer a free version for anyone interested to try. Quite often, the solutions are more limited than the premium ones, but if emails are not a big part of your online project, you can still get more than enough features and security options. 

Some of the best hosted free spam tools on the market include SpamExperts, Mailwasher, and SPAMfighter.

Q: What is the best spam filter for Outlook?

A: Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email solutions, holding over 9% of the market share. Even though the platform allows you to set up mail filters and IP rules, the security is too rudimentary, compared to what a dedicated spam filter can do. SpamBully, Spamihilator, and SpamTitan are some of the often-mentioned names when it comes to protecting your Outlook email communication.

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