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Beating SPAM with Anti-Spam Protection

Most of the emails sent on the internet are SPAM. More businesses think they can attract customers by sending spam to many thousands of people all over the world. As a result that has become a big business and people get tired wasting time to clean their mail boxes from the spam messages sent to them on daily basis. There are multiple ways to avoid getting spam e-mails or at least decrease the number of such mails delivered to your inbox to a minimum. There are some very important rules to follow.

First of all, you should avoid publishing your e-mail address on web sites where it can easily be found by spam bots and added to their spam lists. Avoid registering with your e-mail address that you use on daily basis to do your business communication on web sites as there are many web sites especially ones providing free services that sell the e-mail addresses of their subscribers to spam lists. Use another e-mail for such registrations and keep your business e-mail for direct communication only with other people. That doesn’t mean you are safe from getting spam and your mail box is secured though. The computers of the people you communicate with may get infected with viruses which can steal your email address and it can be added to a spam list.

Beating SPAM with Anti-Spam Protection

What can you do? Web hosting providers offering e-mail services have some sort of anti-spam systems to filter junk mail. Most of them use free tools such as SpamAssassin which are not very effective. ScalaHosting uses a professional anti-spam system which is commercial but we provide it for free to all customers who order any of our cheap web hosting plans. It filters 99.94% of the spam messages out of the box without any changes. You will no longer have to waste an hour per day to clean your inbox from all unwanted e-mails.

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