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Better Security with SShield

Security is the biggest issue for websites and applications running online nowadays. Attackers often want to steal your personal details, site data, or breach you just for the fun of it. And if you think your project is too insignificant to be hacked, you might want to consider the fact that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.

So, in this article, I am going to talk about security in web hosting

Just look at the content management system (CMS) industry today over 33% of the websites in the world are using WordPress. That gets the attention of hackers, and they are getting more and more inventive with the automated tools that aim to compromise web pages. It doesn’t really help that many WordPress users don’t know what steps to take to secure their sites and avoid online breaches. 

That’s why Scala Hosting decided to develop SShield.

What is SShield?

SShield is a fundamental part of SPanel — our in-house built platform for easy web hosting management. The main purpose of the security tool is simple — protect your websites from attacks. Our statistics reveal a whopping 99.998% success rate when it comes to blocking suspicious activity.

SShield monitors all websites on any given server in real-time. Should a hack occur, the tool immediately detects the suspicious activity and takes the necessary actions. This includes gathering information about the hack, preparing a detailed report, and sending it to the website owner. The summary contains valuable information on how to fix the vulnerability and make the website more secure.


How Does SShield Work?

SShield monitors all traffic coming in and out every website. Should any malicious activity occur, the system catches it immediately. It then gathers information about the compromise to prepare a detailed report to send to the owner and allow them to start securing and fixing the vulnerability before anything worse happens.


What Makes SShield so Unique?

This is a one-of-a-kind security system because it is 100% automated with artificial intelligence. Most security systems out there rely on a virus database or hashes to detect and catch malware. SShield utilizes machine learning to inspect the code and determine if you are getting legitimate traffic or not. In short, the more abnormal and unusual behavior SShield encounters — the better it gets.


Why is SShield Suitable For You?

SShield follows very strict protocols when a hack occurs. Once it detects something suspicious, the platform does not block access to the website like many other hosting companies. It sends a notification and allows the owner a reasonable amount of time to resolve the problem without disrupting the uptime and performance of the infected website. 

SShield will perform regular checks to ensure the vulnerability in the affected pages has been removed and automatically closes the security case once that happens. If the malicious code is still there, our solution will send several reminders to the owner to take proper action.

SShield will disable web access to the hacked website only if the owner is uncooperative and unwilling to resolve the security issue in a reasonable time frame.


How Does SShield Handle Malware?

For decades personal computers and servers are protected by security systems that rely on databases with virus hashes for identifying malicious code and activity. That’s not the best idea because hackers are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to infect your website with malware. It takes time before the latest incarnations are added to the database, and in the meantime, the attackers are already a step ahead again.

You have to act proactively.

Helping with that task, SShield uses artificial intelligence to detect malicious behavior in the running processes on the server and in the files of your website. Most of the time, the malware won’t even come near the server, let alone your data.

By following logical processes and employing advanced machine learning, SShield can detect any malicious behavior automatically, dynamically, and most importantly — without the need of a virus database that someone has to update manually.


How Can I Get SShield to Protect my Website?

SShield protects all websites on managed web hosting solutions at Scala Hosting. This includes our full range of services — web hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and managed VPS hosting. You don’t have to do anything on your side to activate the tool — Scala Hosting already has it turned on to ensure your website is up to the latest security standards.

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