What is an Addon Domain in cPanel?

What is an Addon Domain in cPanel?

In our previous article we have explained what is a parked domain in cPanel or also known as a domain alias. Now, we will explain what is the addon domain and when you can use it. The screenshot above shows the options to manage addon domains, subdomains, aliases (parked domains), redirects and the advanced DNS zone editor allowing you to edit the DNS records of your domains.

The main purpose of addon domains is to allow the user to host more than one domain name in the cheap web hosting account. Many clients think that the addon domain has disadvantages over the main domain of the account and it is somehow a second level. Some customers even prefer to order separate web hosting accounts in order not to host their web sites as addon domains. In fact, it doesn’t matter technically if the web site will be hosted on the primary domain of the cPanel account or if it will be hosted under an addon domain. The addon domain has all features a primary domain has. You can create e-mail accounts based on it, you can create e-mail forwarders and auto-responders for those e-mails, you can forward the domain to another one or you can change the directory root of the addon domain to point to the same directory of the primary domain name. In that way you will make the addon domain work like a parked domain. Not that it is needed but it is possible. So, if you want to host more than one web site under your shared cPanel hosting plan then you need to add the new domains as addon domains. cPanel will ask you where you want their directory roots to be which you can specify manually or just use the auto generated suggestion by cpanel. The directory root is the directory where the web site loads from. In that directory you would need to upload the files of your new web site.

Since you know what is an addon domain you can now proceed with adding more web sites to your shared hosting account. You can find lots of useful information about building web sites on web design blogs and forums such as SitePoint which is one of the biggest. A good list of web design blogs and forums can be found at https://www.collectiveray.com/web-design-blogs. Have a look and sign up with the ones that you like. Alternatively, you can have a look at the following review between Divi and Visual Composer in case you want to build the web site yourself.

What is an Addon Domain in cPanel?

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