Workspace Email sign-in

Although it’s convenient, accessing your workspace email through an email client application is not always possible. With this article, we’ll show you the alternative.

For cPanel accounts

If you have a shared hosting account with ScalaHosting, you manage it via cPanel – one of the world’s most popular web hosting control panels. It’s also available as an option for our managed VPS plans, and it comes equipped with Webmail – an authentication system that lets you access your inbox from any device equipped with a browser. It’s available at:

https://[your domain]/webmail/

Workspace Email sign-in

After you enter your email account login credentials, you will be asked to pick a webmail application. You can choose from Horde and Roundcube. The two apps are slightly different in terms of interface, but they do pretty much the same job. At this point, you can set one of the two applications as default, which will eliminate this step the next time you log in via Webmail.

After you choose your application, you will be able to access your inbox.

For SPanel users

SPanel is an all-in-one management solution developed by ScalaHosting specifically for our virtual private servers. It’s available to all customers of our managed VPS solutions, and like cPanel, it has Webmail functionality. Once again, it’s available at https://[your domain]/webmail/, and the login page looks like this:

Workspace Email sign-in

Pay attention to the checkbox below the login form. If the Automatically load Rainloop webmail option is selected, you will be redirected straight to your inbox after you enter your login credentials. If you disable it, you will first see the options from the screenshot below.

Workspace Email sign-in

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