Why can’t I receive e-mails?

If you don’t receive e-mails to your mail box on our server do the following checks.

1. Make sure you entered the e-mail address correctly and there are no spelling mistakes.
Your first job is to make sure the sender hasn’t mistyped the email address. Sometimes, the most complicated problems are fixed by the simplest solutions.

2. Make sure the e-mail address you entered exists on the server.
The message can’t be delivered to an account that doesn’t exist. You can check the list of all existing email addresses on your hosting account by logging into your control panel and clicking Email accounts.

Why can’t I receive e-mails?

3. Check if the space quota for the e-mail account on our server is exceeded and there is no space for the new messages to be saved.
Through the Email accounts section in your control panel, you can also see how much of their allocated space individual inboxes are using at the moment. If they use up their quotas or if your hosting account fills up, there will be nowhere to store inbound messages.

4. Make sure your domain points to our server.
If your domain isn’t pointed to the correct nameservers, the inbound messages won’t be directed to the correct IP. Make sure you configure the domain correctly, and leave it 24 hours for the changes to propagate throughout the world.

5. Check your spam settings and e-mail filters in case they are blocking the sent messages.
Make sure you double-check your spam filters and settings. Sometimes, they could be returning false positives and flagging legitimate messages as spam.
If you still see problems after checking the above contact us so that we can investigate further.



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