What is an Email Alias?

An email alias is a forwarding address associated with your email account. This makes an email alias different from your primary email address, where you send and receive emails. 

However, with email aliases, you can send, receive, and forward emails with a different address that the recipient sees instead of your primary email address.  Since it’s a forwarding address, any message that hits it gets forwarded to your primary email address.

You can have multiple email aliases associated with one primary email account. This gives you the privacy to send personal and business emails easily from one mailbox. We’ll be discussing some tips on setting up an email alias and how it can help your business. 

How Does an Email Alias Help Your Business?

Many plans come up when you’re starting a new business. Depending on how small or big your company is, you may want to set up new email addresses for yourself or different sections or staff in the company. 

When doing this, one thing to consider is setting up a new domain name and getting good email hosting packages. Scala Hosting can see you through this process in no time.

An email alias can double as a business email under the right circumstances.

For example, if your business domain name is www.mybigbusiness.com, then the email address justin@mybigbusiness.com is the business email associated with your domain. This is great if you’re running a solo business.

However, if your company has different departments, your business email address should reflect these departments or the people who run them

That way, you’ll need email addresses like:

  • sales@mybigbusiness.com
  • customersupport@mybigbusiness.com
  • enquiries@mybigbusiness.com

Of course, these are all business emails associated with different departments in your company. 

While you may have these business emails act as email aliases, you also have the option of making these addresses user-friendly by letting them reflect the names of your staff.

That way, you’ll have addresses like:

  • seal@mybigbusiness.com
  • mae@mybigbusiness.com
  • stan.sales@mybigbusiness.com
  • tonia.support@mybigbusiness.com

The business emails above are email aliases associated with various departments in your company, and you can create as many as 100 email boxes on Scala.

We’ll discuss some of the benefits you’ll get from using email aliases.


It Makes People Trust Your Brand

Notice how we’ve humanized the brand by having actual names come in front of the business emails above?

People are likely to relate with a business if they feel connected to a human presence behind their screen. More so, they can communicate better with you when they know who to address in an email. What’s more, you get to promote your brand with every email you send.

Gives a Professional Demeanor

Having an email alias or business email gives off a professional air to intending customers. Customers will take your business seriously when your business email name matches your brand name. 

Business emails like James2305@mybigbusiness.com will come off as unreliable and untrustworthy to people. It might even get flagged for spam and end up on the junk folder of your recipient. 

You don’t want that.

Helps to Sort Your Mailing List

Email aliases are great for keeping your inbox organized. Since you can link multiple forwarding addresses to your primary email account, you’re able to tell where each email comes from. 

If you’re not riding solo, email aliases make sorting your mailing list and collecting sales leads easier for your employees.

Reduces Spam

Your business email might be a target for spam from advertisers. Email aliases can immensely reduce this problem by letting you switch addresses or deleting the address altogether.

Also, your messages are likely to deliver faster to your recipients on an email hosting server.

Helps you Catch Stray Emails

When people misspell your business email address while sending mails to you, email aliases can act as a net to catch such emails. You also get to receive emails from old email addresses if you change your brand name without actively using the old address.

Tips for Setting Up an Email Alias

You might want to set up your email alias before you proceed to build your business’s online presence. 

Here are some straightforward steps to follow.

  1. Buy a domain name from a Scalahosting.com. Your Scalahosting.com account comes with free email so you can create your email alias in your SPanel
  2. Set up your business email account
  3. Create multiple email aliases, and link them to your primary business email account
  4. You’re all set!

If you need help with setting up your business email, check our detailed guide on setting up a business email in VPS.

Next Steps

Ready to build your business online? Then, get started with one of our email hosting packages with free migration for your business email account.

We are ready to support you if you need help with setting it up. 

For every hosting package you purchase, we offer a fully managed, dedicated email server with various customizations for your business needs. 



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