Forward my Microsoft 365 email to a different email account

Email forwarding can be helpful on many occasions. You can employ it to ensure the correct messages get to the right people. It can also be an enormous productivity booster by channeling all messages into a single inbox, eliminating the requirement to check multiple email accounts all the time.

This guide will show you how to forward messages coming to your Microsoft 365 address to other email accounts.

  1. Log into your Microsoft 365 account
    To manage your Microsoft 365 emails through a web browser, you need to sign in at
  2. Open Outlook’s forwarding settings
    Click Settings > View all Outlook settings. Then, go to Mail > Forwarding.
Forward my Microsoft 365 email to a different email account
  1. Configure your forwarder
    To set up a forwarder correctly, you need to select the Enable forwarding checkbox and enter the correct email address into the Forward my email to: field. If you click the Keep a copy of forwarded messages checkbox, your incoming emails will be kept in your Microsoft 365 inbox as well. Otherwise, they will be deleted as soon as they’re forwarded.
  2. Save the changes
    Clicking Save sets up the forwarder, and it starts working immediately.

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