Our Nameservers (NS)

ScalaHosting’s Nameservers are:

  • ns1.scalahosting.com
  • ns2.scalahosting.com

You may also refer to our article “What are my nameservers” to learn how to verify this information.

What is a Nameserver

The nameserver is a segment of the Domain Name System (DNS) – the global system that matches user-friendly domain names to IP addresses. The nameserver is the component that receives a request for a particular domain name and responds with the correct IP address.

The process works as follows;

  1. You type a domain name such as “www.scalahosting.com” into your web browser
  2. The browser sends the domain name to the associated nameservers
  3. The nameservers respond with the IP address of the website
  4. The browser sends a request for the content from that IP address
  5. The website sends the content to the browser

The ultimate goal of nameservers and the DNS is to point requests towards your website.

When to Update Nameservers

If you register a domain while you’re signing up for a hosting service with us, it will automatically be pointed to your new account. However, if it’s registered with another registrar or if you move your website from one server to another, you will need to change the domain’s nameservers, so it points to the correct machine. The nameservers for your ScalaHosting account are available in the Welcome Email you receive upon signup. You can find it under My Details > Email History in your Client Area.

All changes to DNS settings will take time to propagate. The typical duration for this is between 24 to 72 hours.


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