“Connection timed out” Error When Connecting via SSH

When attempting to connect to a server via SSH, you are essentially directing your device towards it. If the two ends fail to connect, you may encounter a “connection timed out” message. This error is typically caused by a failure to connect rather than problems with credentials 

There are several possibilities that may lead to this. For example:

  • Incorrect IP address or hostname  – Given the high number of IP addresses in use, it is unlikely (but possible) that you will see this error if the incorrect IP address is used. However most of us will attempt SSH connections based on hostname, so ensure the one you provide is correct.
  • Incorrect SSH port number – By default, servers listen for SSH connections on port 22. In some cases, this port may be changed by administrators due to security reasons. Ensure that you are attempting to connect to the right port number for your server.
  • Blocks due to firewall intervention – Some servers may be protected by firewalls at various points. If you are using a firewall, ensure that it isn’t blocking access to your SSH port. If it is, add an exception to your firewall to allow access to your SSH port number.

Stopped SSH service – In some instances, the SSH service may be stopped. Check if your SSH service is running on your server by typing “ps aux | grep sshd” in a terminal window. If the SSH service isn’t running, restart it.



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