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Why Scala Hosting doesn’t offer unlimited space and bandwidth?

We are getting lots of requests on daily basis for web hosting plans which will offer unlimited web space and bandwidth. The prospective clients say our competitors offer unlimited space and ask us why we don’t offer it. The amount of requests we were getting recently increased so much that we decided to write this article. The reasons not to offer unlimited space and bandwidth hosting at Scala Hosting are many but the most important one is that we don’t want to lie our customers by selling them something which doesn’t exist in the world. The unlimited space drives haven’t been invented yet and the drives available on the market are all limited to some amount of space such as 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and so on but there are no drives offering unlimited space. Once such drives are invented we will buy them and start offering the unlimited plans immediately. What most people don’t know is that the companies offering the unlimited hosting plans have so many limitations imposed in their terms of service so none of their clients who paid for the unlimited space can use it in reality. How does that happen? It’s easy. They put a limit on the maximum size of files which can be uploaded and a limit of the number of files and directories which can be created in the account. That makes the owner of the account unable to use the unlimited space which he paid for. Those providers try to attract customers with their unlimited space offer as they can’t attract them with quality of service. Once the client finds out he can’t really use the unlimited space, he gets disappointed but there is nothing unlimited in the world and there is no free lunch. You can’t buy unlimited cheese in the shop for a fixed amount of money. That is why Scala Hosting doesn’t offer unlimited space and bandwidth. We don’t want to lie our clients or offer them misleading web hosting specifications. We prefer to be fair with the customer and provide him with the space, bandwidth and resources he paid for. Along with that, he will also get extraordinary customer service and support which he will never get at a company providing the unlimited lies. We will keep on doing our best to make our clients happy they have chosen Scala Hosting as their web hosting provider. We will continue to increase the value of our services. We will continue to add new services so that our resellers have the broadest variety of services they can offer to their clients.

The problem of the unlimited hosting companies is they think only about how to attract new customers instead of doing something to increase the value of their services for their existing clients. They do more to get new customers instead of doing more for their existing customers who trust them and pay them every month. At Scala Hosting, we think about our existing clients and do our best to provide them with the best service we can deliver. We know all clients will be very happy to have us decrease the prices of all packages to $1 and we would be very happy to do it and make them feel happy but we can’t afford it. We must put prices which can pay our monthly costs for colocation, bandwidth, servers, spare hardware, network devices, staff salaries and knowledgeable technicians cost money and we need them to be able to provide the best quality.

That is why we will not offer unlimited web hosting plans. We have never done that since we started our business and quality has proven to be more important than offering attractive plans with specifications which cannot be delivered by any company in the world as they do not exist in reality. That is why there are a lot of web hosting companies offering the unlimited plans bankrupting each day. That is just a broken business model which we don’t want to use. We are glad to hear from our customers on daily basis how happy they are. That makes us feel important and headed in the right direction.

Here is a recent example (copied from


I can forget about the hosting because it works ok with scala!!. My customers dont talk about hosting because for them their emails and website works as magic.

I totally recommended Scala.

En 3 years I think I have talked with their technical support maybe 3 times as a Webmaster of +10 sites. I dont remember so… the attention must be excelente, other way a remember them.

As I say, with Scala you can forget about the hosting and after some month you’ll think like your customer… your email and hosting will be there no matter what!!

I have wrote this review because I had a very bad experience with a another cloud hosting called something like gear. And this afternoon I paid an upgrade with Scala and in just seconds they processed my upgrade. What a team!! they make my day. With the other cloud hosting I spend 48h dealing with problems. -unresolved-