Busting the Myth: Unlimited Space and Bandwidth

Busting the Myth: Unlimited Space and Bandwidth

Looking around for a new hosting provider, there are plenty of factors you can compare. Undoubtedly, essential server resources like disk space and bandwidth would be a prime consideration for any web project. If this is your first time searching for the right host, it’s very easy to get allured by the promises of Unlimited server resources that some providers like to flaunt.

Let’s be real for a moment – “Unlimited” is a lie, and you should forget about it right now.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is some very logical explanation…

Web Hosting Explained

Understanding the gimmick behind Unlimited deals takes us way back to the very nature of hosting. Depending on the chosen service, you have one or more customers occupying a server machine and utilizing its resources. When we talk about shared hosting, the most popular type of service, the number of users per server can easily exceed 100.

So why should that matter? It all boils down to the host’s hardware configuration.

Think of the web server as your personal computer. As your PC has a set of system resources – CPU, RAM, hard disk space, etc. – so does your server. And those resources have a set capacity. You can’t just download a million videos because, at some point, you will run out of space. The same goes with opening a hundred apps at once – you can only operate with as much as the system can take.

A web server is pretty much the same.

Unlimited Space

А quantitative resource like Disk Space can never be unlimited. Have you ever heard of a manufacturer selling HDD or SSD drives with no capacity limit? Or a server that magically grows more disks when it runs out of what’s available?

There is another thing that should ring your alarm.

How come Unlimited is only advertized when offering shared hosting services? Those are typically the ones that accommodate mostly smaller websites and house the most users per server. So how come they are also the most affordable and generous?

Easy answer – they’re not.

In reality, hosting providers can find many ways to limit your account without breaking the Unlimited promise directly. The Terms of Service often cleverly hide clauses that restrict you from adding more than X files or Y files from the same type. It makes some sense business-wise, as this way hosts can get rid of users who just use their servers for storage, overloading the machines for all other clients.

But as a customer – it’s not really fair, and we get it.

Unlimited Bandwidth

This one is a bit tricky as Bandwidth is something that can theoretically be unmetered. While many hosts can’t really guarantee such an environment, some configurations allow for scalable upgrades when needed. Burstable RAM is one such technology, helping the provider handle sudden traffic spikes.

Remember that it’s always good the check the more important parts of the host’s Terms of Service – fair usage policies, SLA guarantees, upgrade options. This will give you a clear picture of what stands behind the buzzword Unlimited Bandwidth and what you can expect in terms of performance.

Possible Solutions

Now that we’ve learned not to get so easily distracted by grand promises, here are some tips you can have in mind to avoid surprising limitations and forced account blocks.

  • Careful Host Research – Look for providers with clearly stated account limits – such transparency speaks a lot about the company and its way of doing business. Additionally, you can check user reviews for the shortlisted hosts. Try different platforms to avoid stumbling upon paid or sponsored testimonials.
  • Go for a VPS Platform – There are many benefits of a VPS solution compared to a shared hosting service – better performance, stronger security, full account isolation. A great thing about the virtual server is that you’ll always have clear limits that you can easily monitor in real time. In addition, VPS hosts often allow you to scale your resources up or down, so you only pay for what you’re currently using.


ScalaHosting firmly believes in transparency and integrity, so all our offers come with clearly set limits. What’s more – our support team is always happy to meet you over live chat, phone, and email to discuss your website plans and find the best possible solution.

The only thing Unlimited with Scala is your opportunities!

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