SSD cloud hosting plans got more space

SSD cloud hosting plans got more space

Scala Hosting has increased the disk space which comes with every shared SSD cloud hosting plan from 1GB to 5GB while the price remains the same. With that step we are looking to make the most modern and reliable hosting service more affordable so that more people can enjoy the power and speed of the SSD cloud hosting service.

We sold multiple cloud servers in the last 3 months and we are working on adding additional resources to the cloud farm. For those 3 months, the cloud saved downtime when servers failed due to hardware problems. Clients didn’t notice that because there was no service interruption. We started specials where new clients can get up to 40% discount by ordering a cloud hosting server or shared plan from

By increasing the space from 1GB to 5GB, Scala Hosting is looking to double or even triple its cloud hosting sales for the next quarter.

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