ScalaHosting Live Chat Support is Now Better Than Ever

ScalaHosting Live Chat Support is Now Better Than Ever

We always listen to what our clients say and we do our best to match their needs. We got multiple requests to develop a module which would allow clients to authenticate as customers of Scala Hosting on the live chat so that they don’t have to open a ticket in case they need something to be done quickly over the live chat. We have implemented a module which would allow us to know if the person who opened a live chat is actually a customer or not so that if any account changes are requested we can complete them during the live chat session instead of asking the customer to open a ticket. We think our customers will appreciate that feature as it will be really useful and it will save their time.

In order to authenticate yourself as a customer on the live chat you need to login to the client area and then request the live chat session. That will allow us to see which customer is contacting us and look up their details quickly. Please note some issues need to be documented in tickets such as the abuse issues. Those cannot be handled via chat and they require tickets. If the issue is more complex and needs investigation from our end you will still be asked to open a ticket so that we can respond to it once the issue is resolved.

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  1. Siam

    September 14, 2012 / 04:17

    This is great news, thumb’s up to Scala for their continuous friendly support. This will really help me….

  2. Bineesh

    June 10, 2014 / 02:50

    Very good support.

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