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Scala Hosting enhances security

Abuse issues and web sites being compromised on daily basis has become “normal” due to the huge amount of free scripts being used. Those scripts are open source and the hackers can download and review their code in an attempt to find a security hole which can be used to compromise web sites and use them for various abuse activities such as sending SPAM, uploading phishing web sites, attacking other networks or just consuming the resources of the account for anything they need. That is why it is very important for clients to keep their web sites secure. If you don’t know how to do that check our article “How can you keep your web sites secure“.

Most web hosting providers nowadays are in waiting position about abuse issues since that doesn’t affect new orders drastically. It affects existing customers though and Scala Hosting wants to make sure our existing clients feel confident when using our services. That is why we implemented a solution which will scan all clients accounts daily and notify them about potential security problems with their web sites. Please note that we are being proactive here to find the potential problem before it becomes problematic and it becomes problematic when it starts sending SPAM, uploads phishing content or starts flooding other networks. In that way, the client’s account is not being suspended due to any of the mentioned abuse activities and the client has enough time to secure the account before it starts being used for illegal activities by the hacker and force us to suspend it causing downtime for the compromised account. Most hosting companies will just wait for that to happen and suspend the account while we are not doing that. We are being proactive in scanning all files uploaded by all clients and send a notification with details what was found and what actions are expected from the customer to be made in order to secure the account and keep it active.

That is a huge difference which is putting us one big step in front of the competition. Uptime is the most important factor for every web site. At Scala Hosting, we do our best for our clients to make their web sites available 24/7 and that is why a big smile appears on our faces when we search on the Internet about clients’ reviews and couldn’t find negative ones. It’s not rare to receive questions from suspicious clients on the pre-sales chat or phone such as “Why there are no negative reviews about you on the internet? That is not possible.” We smile and say “It’s possible at Scala Hosting!” 🙂