PHP 8.0 Now Available on All SPanel VPS Servers

PHP 8.0 Now Available on All SPanel VPS Servers

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages, lying in the core of millions of websites worldwide. The abbreviation stands for “hypertext preprocessor” and was developed back in 1994. It was still the early days of the commercial internet, and this new way of coding websites quickly gained immense support. 

On 26th November 2020, the PHP group released PHP 8.0 with loads of new features and management optimizations. Just a few days later, ScalaHosting is proud to become one of the first web hosting providers to offer PHP 8.0 on all SPanel VPS servers. 

Table of contents:

  1. What’s New in PHP 8.0
  2. ScalaHosting and PHP 8.0
  3. Conclusion

What’s New in PHP 8.0

Although the PHP developers are not adding speed and security boosters in their newest version, there are still many exciting features that may complement your website. Namely:

  • JIT (Just-in-time) compilation – performance improvements for mathematical-type operations
  • Named arguments – specify required and optional parameters for smoother execution
  • Attributes – utilize structured metadata with native PHP syntax instead of PHPDoc annotations
  • Match expressions – a compact match statement, similar to the switch statement
  • Nullsafe operator – а new type of operator that utilizes a chain of calls instead of nullsafe conditions

This is just a glimpse of what PHP 8.0 has in store for you.

ScalaHosting and PHP 8.0

If you already are a ScalaHosting VPS client or thinking of becoming one, you now have the added benefit of having PHP 8.0 on your virtual server. That’s just another bonus to the user-friendly SPanel, free dedicated IP, and SSD storage that already come with each account.

Keep in mind, by default, our VPS servers come with PHP 7.3 enabled. Switching to 8.0 is amazingly easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Log in your SPanel with Scala
  • Go to PHP Manager
  • Select the needed PHP version and save the changes

That’s it, nothing more than a minute and a couple of mouse clicks.

Still, if you’re having troubles with that, you can always contact the ScalaHosting support 24/7 via the internal ticketing.


Technology is constantly moving forward, and we have to evolve with it to be able to stay competitive. With the latest release of PHP 8.0, you can be among the first hosting clients to take advantage. Check out all the new features and give it a go if you want to give the programming script a test drive.

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