Faster websites with PHP-FPM

Faster websites with PHP-FPM

Even after the implementation of the SPanel Shield which blocks 99.998% of the attacks to websites, the R&D department of Scala Hosting keeps on looking for more ways to speed up websites and increase security.

Almost all websites these days use PHP. If we make the PHP code execute faster, the website will load faster as well. We have performed benchmarks of all available methods for running PHP. The results of our tests showed that PHP-FPM is significantly faster. Depending on the PHP code the performance increase may reach 30%. At the same time PHP-FPM brings higher security and stability on the server level.

PHP-FPM enabled by default

cPanel does not yet support PHP-FPM as a default PHP handler for newly created accounts. It can be activated manually per account though. You will need to contact Scala Hosting technical support if you want them to enable PHP-FPM for your cloud VPS.

SPanel is the control panel developed by Scala Hosting to save $15 per month for the cPanel license of each cloud VPS server. It is compatible with cPanel and the PHP-FPM handler is now the default PHP handler for all new SPanel servers. As a result, websites can be up to 30% faster without extra efforts. PHP-FPM does not increase speed only. It is also much more secure than all other methods for running PHP. The execution of every PHP script happens in separate environment for each user and the systems administrator can control how many PHP processes can be forked by the master PHP-FPM process for each user separately. This feature is great because using it makes servers hard to overload and crash.

How to get maximum speed & security?

Isolating your website to its own cloud VPS is the only way to achieve guaranteed speed and security. Thanks to the SPanel control panel, the SPanel Shield and all other tools and innovative software developed by Scala Hosting, cloud VPS servers are now affordable. A cloud VPS with SPanel, SPanel Shield, PHP-FPM, Nginx, high availability, managed by experts 24/7/365 is all you need for your website to be fast and secure.

Are you still using shared hosting?

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