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Vince has 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry. He wants to make the Internet a safer place for everyone by allowing every online business to have their own fully managed VPS with a control panel and daily backups at the same price as shared hosting. Vince is a performance-driven individual who is passionate about technology, innovations, and leadership. He believes that every website should be hosted on its own server as that is the only way to achieve maximum security, speed, and reliability. Vince is currently a co-founder and CEO of Scala Hosting LLC and SPanel LLC.

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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan for my Website

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan for my Website

The best web hosting plan is one that is most suitable for the type of website you intend to run. This means that aside from looking at what web hosting providers offer, you also need to think of the features you really need.

Increased digital penetration rates, rapid technology advancements, and borderless trade have all contributed towards a blossoming Internet ecosystem. Companies and individuals are creating websites at unprecedented paces

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