How to Clear the SSL State in a Browser

Web browsers cache website data to improve visitor web browsing experience. This cache includes information on the site’s SSL certificate, which can be a problem if you’re testing an SSL installation or working on other site updates.

Most web browsers store SSL state in history. To clear the SSL state, follow the instructions below for your web browser.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

SSL state cannot be cleared in the web browser if you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It must be done from your Internet Options as follows:

Step 1. In your Windows search box, type Internet Options and click to launch it.

Step 2. Select the “Content” tab and click “Clear SSL State.”

Mozilla Firefox

To clear the SSL state on Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1. Click on the icon on your browser navigation bar.

Step 2. Click “History” followed by “Clear Recent History.”

Step 3. Select all checkboxes then click “OK.”

Opera Browser

To clear the SSL state on the Opera browser:

Step 1. Click “Delete Private Data” on the “Tools” menu.

Step 2. Select “Delete entire cache.”

Step 3. Click the “Delete” button


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