How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

PHP, short for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open-source server-side scripting language. 

Most websites run on PHP—the scripting language forms the core of WordPress, one of the world’s most widely-used content management systems, and also runs Facebook, the world’s largest social media network.

Yahoo! And Wikipedia are other popular PHP projects.

Its versatility, ease of use, security, cost efficiency, and cross-platform compatibility makes it widely used for web and app developments. Updating your PHP sites to the latest version lets you enjoy up-to-date features and the newest security and vulnerabilities fixes, and thankfully, Scala Hosting makes this intuitive.

We let users set their preferred PHP versions for each of their websites in a few simple steps.

So, let’s get to it.

Step 1: Sign in to Your SPanel Account

Go to your SPanel account — Scala Hosting all-in-one control panel, by visiting, then enter your email (or username) and password to log in.

Of course, don’t forget to replace with your domain name.

How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

When you sign in with an admin username and password, Spanel takes you to your admin dashboard but logs you directly into your account’s control panel if you use user access.

The control panel lets you change your PHP version and run other administrative tasks.

Step 2: Choose your Account 

Now, to access your account’s control panel from the admin dashboard, scroll to the QUICK LINKS section and click List Accounts.

How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

Go to the account you wish to log in to its control panel, then click Actions > Login to gain access.

How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

Step 3: Open PHP Manager

Scroll to the TOOLS section at the end of your control panel dashboard, and click PHP manager.

How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

Kindly locate the domain or subdomain you wish to update its PHP version and click the Change button.

How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

Select your preferred PHP version from the drop-down and click the Change button. We recommend updating to the latest version.

How to Change the PHP Version for Your Site?

It takes SPanel less than ten seconds to update to the version. Exit the control panel when completed and enjoy your new PHP versions.

Need Support?

PHP is a user-friendly server-side scripting language that enables developers to create their dream websites and apps. Our servers support multiple PHP versions to give you complete freedom to set your preferred version. 

If you run into issues changing your site’s PHP version on SPanel, reach out to our support, and we’ll be glad to assist.



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