Account Management

ScalaHosting offers a unified dashboard called the “Client Area” you can use for account management purposes. It allows you to handle almost everything related to your web hosting account, from handling billing to new service procurements or reaching out to the support team.

This Client Area consists of the following segments:

  • Client Area Home
  • My Details
  • My Services
  • My Domains
  • Support
  • Billing (Invoices)
  • Referral Program
  • Order New Services

Changing Your Personal Information

The “My Details” area includes all the details you provided to ScalaHosting when creating your account. If you need to update any information, this is a link you will use. It is advisable to keep your personal information updated to ensure uninterrupted service for your account.

The most important thing to note on this page is the Support PIN located at the top. When requesting assistance from customer support, they may request that you furnish them with this PIN.

Managing Web Hosting and Domain Names

You can get quick overviews of the services and domain names under your account from either of these two tabs. Clicking on the dropdown menu next to each, you will see various options, including management.

These shortcuts offer an easy way to quickly access features such as nameserver management, registrar lock, or even renewal.

Getting Assistance

If you need help, you can access the ScalaHosting team via the Support tab. This link opens the ticketing system you can use to submit a tracked support request for your query. It also allows more streamlined assistance since you can directly choose the relevant department (e.g., Support, Sales, Billing) for your needs.

Responses to support tickets submitted via the ScalaHosting ticketing system are prompt. There is a 15-minute average response time for all submissions. This tab also gives you access to ticket status, showing details such as submission time and date for easy tracking.

Keeping Track of Billing

The billing area includes detailed records of your entire transaction history using the account. ScalaHosting believes in transparency, and all transactions, including invoices, refunds, canceled services, are included.

Order New Services

ScalaHosting offers a wide range of services, and customers often use multiple services under the same account. To make things easier, you can quickly apply for new services via the “Order New Services” link.



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