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Best Google Analytics Plugins For WordPress

Google collects a ton of data, and any website owner can take advantage of that. You can utilize the detailed analytics to learn more about the web traffic you’re getting, its sources, and your audience characteristics.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress on the market to help you gather more invaluable statistics.

Why You Need Google Analytics for WordPress

Although perfecting your website design can be immensely satisfying, you need to stay focused on statistical data as well. Luckily, one of the tech moguls, Google, provides a great free tool for the job.

Simply put, Google Analytics gathers valuable information such as visitor demographicsinterests, behavior, traffic sources, real-time stats, and more.

How does that tie in with WordPress, though?

Since WP is a Content Management System (CMS), you can make great use of Google Analytics. The provided data can be used to improve existing content or even help you plan for future site upgrades.

Using Google Analytics with WordPress

There are distinct advantages of Google Analytics for WordPress site owners.

Many plugins on the market can integrate data from Google directly onto your WordPress dashboard. The plugin system is super convenient – just search for the right one, then click Install. Once you’ve got the plugin configured, Google Analytics data will be available.

Sounds simple enough, right?

The real question is, which GA plugin will be the right one for us?

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

There are tons of Google Analytics add-ons on the market – both free and commercial. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks, based on our own tests and popularity among other users.


Top Features

  • Privacy-focused with EU compliance
  • Google AMP tracking
  • Custom dimensions
  • Ecommerce tracking

Price: from $99.50/yr (Free Lite version available)

MonsterInsights is one of the well-known names when it comes to Google Analytics WordPress plugins. There are lots of reasons for this. Despite being very feature-packed, it remains one of the easiest to customize and use.

Unlike most basic Google Analytics plugins, MonsterInsights adds tracking for a few additional elements that are very useful for WordPress site owners. With it, you can also keep tabs on WordPress categories, tags, authors, and more.

To be honest, Google Analytics can do that as well, but not without some tweaking and configuration of the base tracking code. Instead of struggling with things like that, stay focused on the data and streamlining your content.

With many countries becoming privacy-conscious (especially in the European Union), you will need to be cautious about how you’re tracking site visitors. MonsterInsights can anonymize the right pieces of data so you can stay GDPR-compliant.

Pricing for MonsterInsights varies quite a bit. Their website naturally wants you to buy the Pro version with starting prices of $99.50 per month. However, a Lite version is available as an unlimited free trial.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics

Top Features

  • Real-time statistics
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Mobile-ready
  • Multi-level insights

Price: from $99.50/yr (Free version available)

The Google Analytics Dashboard by ExactMetrics is another WordPress plugin that performs past the basic script. Formerly called GADWP, this intuitive add-on is hugely popular on the WP add-on repository with over a million active installs.

ExactMetrics has built this plugin to be as complete as they come. Aside from what you normally get with Google Analytics, this plugin offers advanced event tracking, all from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin is GDPR and CCPA compliant, plus it enables you to track affiliate links and ads, works with custom dimensions, and mobile-friendly as well.

But perhaps the most exciting part is the ability to create custom analytics reports for better insight into your web traffic.

While there is a free version of the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, it doesn’t come with all the Pro version features. For example, you’ll need the premium plan to integrate ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce, track digital download, or handle multiple websites.


Top Features

  • Modular pricing system
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Simplified reporting system
  • Social media tracking

Price: From $39/yr (Free version available)

The developers of Analytify try hard to make something as dry as Google Analytics fun again. This plugin is designed to work past basic Google Analytics to offer a more comprehensive product…with a twist.

Rather than rows upon rows of boring old numbers, Analytify converts data to attractive charts and reports. The bright and vibrant coloration keeps the mind focused more easily. 

The one-glance summary panel allows you to quickly drill down into detail when you notice figures or charts that don’t seem right with a quick glance. All this is available even in the free Analytify version.

A ton of new features are included in the premium plans, such as real-time statistics, campaign-based data, ecommerce tracking capabilities, and more. The convenient pricing model makes Analytify a good fit for a broader audience, even personal website owners.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Top Features

  • Tailored for WooCommerce
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-dimensional product click tracking
  • Enhanced reporting

Price: $135 Lifetime (Free version available)

As the name implies, the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce is for all users of the most popular online shop plugin for WP. This one is the perfect solution for business-oriented store owners since zero it comes with zero technicalities.

The data inside enables you to showcase the right products, track cart abandonment, see how checkout forms are doing, and many more useful stats. These analytics prove invaluable when tweaking campaigns to optimize your sales.

While the basic version is free, there is also a Pro version (which, for some strange reason, goes by another name) that offers more extensive use. For example, you can generate more reports, track social media marketing campaigns, group content, and more.


Top Features

  • Goal management
  • Simplified or custom reports
  • AdSense and Ads integration
  • Automated notifications

Price: From $85 Lifetime (Free version available)

The basic version of 10WebAnalaytics is simple to use yet comprehensive enough to be better than using the Google Analytics code

With this plugin, you get access to tons of reports, both pre-configured as well as custom versions. There is also ecommerce tracking, goal management, plus the ability to get notifications on custom triggers.

Like many other WordPress plugins, you can download this one from the repository and use it for free. A lifetime license is available if you wish to opt-in for the Pro version.

GA Google Analytics 

Top Features

  • Effortless compatibility with WordPress
  • Easy-to-use toggle switches for settings
  • Customized tracking codes
  • Regularly updated

Price: From $15 Lifetime (Free version available)

If you’re looking for a lightweight plugin for Google Analytics, GA Google Analytics might easily be the right choice. It is built for speed while offering many of the features that come with other similar plugins.

That is understandable, given the fact the tool looks rather basic.

You will get a bunch of essential Google Analytics functionalities, like disabling admin tracking. Past that, however, all the visible benefits of GA Google Analytics are focused on compatibility.

To gain a real feel of its power, you’ll need to consider a pro license. The extra features include the ability to configure multiple tracking codes, multi-location placement, easy code toggles, and more.

Site Kit by Google

Top Features

  • Official Google release
  • Multi-Google service product integration
  • Anonymize IP address
  • It’s completely free

Price: Free

Recognizing that WordPress users like the simple life, Google has built its official WordPress plugin – Site Kit. This fact virtually guarantees Google Analytics compatibility.

The thing to realize is that while this plugin may make life easier for WordPress site owners, it doesn’t extend the GA functionality – you’re only bringing that data into your dashboard.

Aside from Google Analytics, Site Kit lets you integrate other Google services as well. The list covers Search Console, AdSense, Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Optimize, and Tag Manager.

How to Find the Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Many Google Analytics plugins offer similar functionalities, but we may still enjoy some more than others. Doing your personal research is always the best approach, and we can help you by outlining the essential aspects:

  • Features – check the full plugin features list, especially if you are trying out a free version. If several tools cover the same essential functionalities, it may all boil down to the additional extras.
  • Ease of use – look for plugins with an intuitive interface, one you can navigate easily. Test the plugin with a free trial or demo if possible to ensure you like the environment.
  • Reporting – the more reports your Google Analytics plugin offer – the better. Make sure you pick a tool that offers extensive and neatly-sorted data that brings real value to your business strategy.
  • Support – make sure the plugin comes from a reputable source and gets regular updates. Hosting providers can rarely help with third-party products, so most of your support will come from the extension developers.
  • Price – your budget should always come first when considering premium products. Many of the Google Analytics plugins for WordPress offer a free version along with the paid ones, so you can start gaining insights without any initial investments. 


No matter which plugin you choose to work with for Google Analytics, remember that every plugin adds to the load on your site. Weight the balance of performance versus data to see where you stand before making a choice. 

If necessary – pick a single plugin and test if it affects your site performance in a negative way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Google Analytics plugin in WordPress?

Finding suitable Google Analytics plugins is quite easy with WP. Simply navigate to the Plugins section on your WordPress dashboard, then search for the respective category of tools. After you pick one, click Install and wait for the successful completion. You can now activate and configure the plugin.

Is Google Analytics a plugin?

No. Google Analytics is a service provided by Google to help website owners track visitor metrics. In addition, many developers have been building WordPress plugins to help site owners integrate this functionality quickly and effortlessly.

How do I know if Google Analytics is working?

Most GA plugins will verify if your tracking code is working correctly. You can also check the reports in your Google Analytics dashboard to see if it properly receives data from your WordPress site. 

Is Google Analytics free?

Yes, there is a free and very usable version of Google Analytics. Remember that some advanced features are restricted to those willing to pay monthly fees to the service provider.

How long until Google Analytics starts working?

You can expect to wait up to 24 hours until you start getting information in the Google Analytics charts. You don’t need to worry, though – the actual tracking starts from the time you implement the code on your site.

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