How to backup my WordPress site?

Data protection is as important as the security protection for your WordPress web site. Noone will be happy to lose the data of their blog or business web site. That’s why web site owners must ensure they have proper processes in place to perform regular backups. Those backups will be useful in case of a web site compromise, a server failure or just a human error. Keep in mind that even if you use the best WordPress hosting plan it can’t guarantee 100% data protection. That’s why it is highly recommended to create your own archives and store them on your computer or a remote backup server. Scala Hosting provides encrypted backups stored on remote backup servers. We keep 7 restore points but still it is a good idea to have your own backups. That will give you a piece of mind in case the worst happens.

wordpress data backup

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Top 3 security issues for WordPress sites

WordPress security has become a huge topic in the last couple of years. The most time passes the most we are talking about WordPress security. As per Google’s statistics security has been the biggest issue for web sites these days. That’s why we have decided to write an article about the top 3 security issues for WordPress we have seen in our daily routines interacting with customers using WordPress as a platform for their web sites. We will list them below. All of them are important and most compromised web sites we have seen were compromised because of them. All WordPress users must be aware that even the best WordPress hosting can’t save a compromise if they are running a vulnerable WordPress setup.

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