What is My IP?

What is My IP?

What is an IP address?

IP comes from Internet Protocol. An IP address is the address of a device on the Internet. Each device which has an internet connection has an IP address as well. There are two versions of IP addresses at the moment. That is IPv4 and IPv6. They are two because the IPv4 network is almost exhausted and there aren’t enough IP addresses to meet the demand of new devices being connected to the internet on daily basis. That’s why IPv6 was released which contains significantly more IP addresses.

Types of IP addresses?

There are 2 types of IP addresses – public and private. The public IP addresses are the ones which devices use to connect to the internet. The private IP addresses are used for home/office networks where the computers need to “see” each other without an internet connection. The following ranges are reserved for private IP addresses. None of them can be used as a public address.

That is explained in detail at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address

Why do you need to know your IP address?

Why should you know your home address? The reason is the same. You should know your address on the Internet. That can be useful in multiple cases especially if you have a web site. You may need to know which is your IP address in order to see which if your web site’s visits came from you and not real visitors. Or if you want to secure a specific area of your web site and restrict access to your IP only. In those cases you will need to know what is your IP address. But how can you find it?

What is my IP address?

Usually, when your ISP setups your internet service, they tell you what would be your IP address in case it is static. They will not tell you what it would be if the IP is assigned dynamically when you connect to the Internet. If that is the case and you have to find your IP address, what can you do? We’ve developed a system for our own internal use but it is publicly available so anyone can use it to see their current IP address. The URL is https://www.scalahosting.com/ip

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