• 1. Up to $200 commission for all Cloud services. We give you the highest affiliate payout in the webhosting industry. If you find a higher affiliate commission, do let us know!
  • 2. Easy sales. We combined the $200 commission with a very low transaction threshold of just $12. Now you probably ask yourself, are we insane to allow 17 months recovery of our investment? The truth is, we want to globally spread the word as quickly as possible, that now there is an affordable alternative to the most popular shared hosting. Except being the cheapest the shared hosting is the most unsecure and unreliable one because you need to share one server with hundreds of other users and if one gets hacked you get hacked. Not to mention the resource usage unfairness when one account can easily overload the server and all the rest of the websites will suffer downtime. With the cloud VPS all these problems are solved but until recently these solutions were expensive. Thanks to its technological independence from 3rd party software and license providers, ScalaHosting introduced managed cloud VPS pricing in the range of the shared hosting and if you want to learn how’s that possible you can check out this one-page comparison.
  • 3. No competition, no problem. We know that for our affiliates equally important to the commission amount is the conversion rate. Our prices for managed cloud VPS, with included control panel(SPanel), daily backups, cybersecurity protection and high availability are unbeatable worldwide and this is how we boost your CR.
  • 4. Reputation is everything. The highest commission with low transaction threshold combined with the best value offer for managed VPS globally…. too good to be true? We’ve been around for the last 17 years and we try to maintain one of the best reputations globally in confirmation of the level of service we provide. You can check out the most popular US review platform TrustPilot which ranked ScalaHosting as #1 in both categories Web Hosting and Cloud Computing. Web hosting review platforms such as HostAdvice, WHTOP, GoodFirms, Websiteplanet, Serchen, ThisHostingRocks, Hosting.review and many others, are also ranking ScalaHosting as a top hosting provider in various categories.
  • 5. We care about your audience. We know that for you as a publisher or blogger, number one consideration is the creation of interesting content and stories. We want to help you with that! Our cPanel alternative called SPanel is an all-in-one cloud platform featuring an in-house cybersecurity module, dedicated WordPress manager, backup system on remote servers, and much more. We create and implement new exciting new features almost every day, of which your audience would love to hear. We can work together with you on a content with specific newsworthy angle aiming to achieve the magic “click to share” effect.
  • 6. Transparency. Our pricing is simple and straightforward, and you will not find hidden or misleading surcharges at ScalaHosting.com. We don’t require annual prepayments and regardless of the payment period our prices are not changing depending on the pre-payment. In fact, we prefer our clients to pay on monthly basis because we don’t want to tied up no one with long term contracts. Instead, we strive to keep our level of service as high as possible and this should be the reason a client to stay with us.
  • 7. Be part of our success. The digital Cloud is slowly entering all aspects of our lives, and these days everyone has it in his pocket. It's a new industry, which exponentially grows, and we want you to be part of this success story. Judging by the rate of how quickly our existing clients are migrating to the Cloud, we are predicting an unimaginable growth of this market share over the next couple of years.

How to promote ScalaHosting

  • 1. Review us objectively. We don’t pay for positive reviews and you are encouraged to review us honestly. You can request from as any service available at ScalaHosting.com and we will provide you with a free test account for as long as you will need it. Alternatively, you can purchase anonymously any cloud/web hosting service from us, after joining the affiliate program, and when you are done with the testing, just let us know and we will fully refund your payments.
  • 2. Compare. We found out that the purchase behavior of our customers involves two main motivators – reading reviews and comparing with our providers. We are confident that today our offer for managed cloud VPS has no match globally and the best way for you to monetize that is through comparing. The quickest and easiest would be to you use what we’ve done here. Bear in mind that most of web hosting companies are having a very misleading pricing, showing very low monthly pricing which at the checkout you will find that it’s possible only if you prepay for at least a year. Also, most of the so-called cloud providers are not really cloud powered. The easiest way to expose them is if you can see at their website a cloud configurator similar to what we have here under Build Your Own Cloud VPS. If they don’t have it then it’s just shared hosting masked as cloud, meaning they don’t offer high availability and redundancy. Those two are very important for your data security and integrity. To find your way out in this maze of misleading offers, you will need often to chat online with the sales support of the relevant provider and ask all those questions, and warning them first that the you are going to record the chat session. Below are the most important ones:
    • Is it a real cloud? Do you have an online cloud configurator where I can configure custom CPU, RAM and SSD storage for my server? Does it have high availability?
    • Is this the final price if I pay month-by-month?
    • Is your service fully managed? Does it mean your technical support will help me with WordPress installs and guide me how to solve problems with my website and email functionality 24/7/365?
    • Is the final price inclusive of daily back-ups and cybersecurity protection? Are the back-ups on a separate server?
    • Is the hosting control & admin panel, similar to cPanel/WHM included in the final price?
    • I have 200 websites with my current hosting provider. Do you charge extra for the migration?
  • 3. Write articles and make videos about the cPanel account-based price increase. This is a very hot topic because in some cases the price hike goes as high as 640%. Here is how the increase affects a website owner:
  • To all those questions, at ScalaHosting your will receive YES for an answer!
  • Accounts per server 100 300 500 1000
    Price/year with OLD pricing $425 $425 $425 $425
    Price/year with NEW pricing $540 $1020 $1500 $2700

We have foreseen this coming 3 years ago when we started to develop our cPanel alternative called SPanel and now we are ahead of the rest. It’s comes for free to all our clients who purchased a managed cloud VPS service from us, and you can host UNLIMIDED accounts on it. It features a daily backup system, an intuitive cybersecurity called SShield, a WordPress managed called SWordPressManager and many other free features such as NGINX and OpenLiteSpeed integration.