What Is а CDN?

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CDN is an abbreviation of content delivery network (or content distribution network). It represents a worldwide network of interconnected servers that cache copies of your website for faster and easier page load times.

А CDN can be essential in many use cases—multimedia streaming, software and app downloads, content acceleration, load balancing, and more. The solution is very efficient when it comes to caching web elements like HTML pages, JavaScript files, images, videos, and stylesheets. That's just one of the many reasons why industry giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix take advantage of the service for years now.

So what else makes a CDN so special?

The server architecture hides a lot of benefits—the CDN provider relies on multiple points-of-presence (POPs) around the globe, which ensure that any visitor can bring up your cached files from a location nearby. We all know that every second counts in today's competitive online world, so any improvement to the page load time can bring you more visitors and sales.

There is the security factor as well. CDN solutions prove to be a great helper when mitigating DDoS attacks, encrypting visitor data, and setting up a web application firewall (WAF). Hardware failures are not an issue as well—the other servers in the network will share the load and ensure your website suffers no downtimes during the process.

How does it work?

Who can benefit from using a CDN?

Any website that operates on the international stage can benefit from the improved page load times and redundancy of a content delivery network. Some niches have seen particularly high positive results:

  • Ecommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Online Gaming
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Higher Education
Why is SShield unique?

Additional CDN Features

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ScalaHosting ensures full compatibility with any CDN platform you may find. Clients utilize a variety of content delivery solutions—Cloudflare, StackPath, KeyCDN, Sucuri, Akamai—and they all integrate perfectly within the Scala environment. Simply choose a CDN provider, input your hosting nameservers, and set your domain to resolve through the content network.

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CDN solutions are third-party platforms, so any questions or issues with the service are best turned to the application developers. That being said, the ScalaHosting support team is always happy to check things out and assist with basic questions when possible. Simply contact us from 2:30 am to 5:00 pm, CDT (GMT -6) via live chat and phone or 24/7 via the internal ticketing system.

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You can utilize a CDN solution on any of the ScalaHosting packages, but achieving maximum efficiency highly depends on a reliable underlying server. Our managed and unmanaged VPS services come with industry-leading hardware and enough customization options to accommodate and optimize any kind of website.