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Getting Started with Shared Hosting In order to run a website, you need web hosting services, which will give you access to a server to upload the website, so that it is accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7/365. Once you choose a well-established shared hosting company like Scala Hosting, you need to select the type of hosting for your website. If you choose to buy shared hosting from us, you will get a free domain name registration and experienced 24/7/365 technical support. What’s more, you’ll also get a free Let’s Encrypt shared hosting SSL certificate. In the paragraphs to follow, we will brief you on some of the main advantages of Scala Hosting’s affordable shared hosting and solutions and a detailed answer to the question: ‘How does shared hosting work’. Table of contents: Getting Started with Shared Hosting What is shared hosting Activation of your account Accessing your hosting Control Panel Set up your domain name Create a new website or transfer an existing one Set up your free SSL certificate Set up your email Getting support Refer friends and get $50 per signup What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting Definition Shared hosting gives you a portion of a server to use, so that you can publish and run your website. You share the resources of the server (CPU, RAM, disk space, network) with other users and websites. That’s why, shared hosting is the least expensive type of hosting in the world. At the same time, it is an ideal solution for personal websites such as: blogs, portfolios or forums. Shared hosting is also easy to manage, since no technical skills are required. Read below to learn about the amazing advantages of shared hosting with us. Why should I sign up for a Scala Hosting shared hosting plan? Shared web hosting solutions with large CPU quotas SSD powered servers Free Domain registration Free migration to Scala Hosting’s platform Shared hosting with free SSL certificate Affordable Linux shared hosting plans SShield protection for bullet-proof shared web hosting security Buy shared hosting from Scala Hosting and quickly transform your online business from a follower into a trailblazer in its realm. Linux shared hosting at a price you can afford Scala Hosting’s Linux shared web hosting plans bring you all the amazing features of our state-of-the-art shared web hosting services on secure Linux-operated servers. Each of them comes with daily backups, a free SSL certificate, free domain registration, 1-Click WordPress Installer and many other benefits which shared website hosting normally lacks. Register a Scala Hosting shared hosting account today and start your successful online presence with a click. Activation of Your Account Your shared hosting account will be automatically activated upon receiving payment and you can immediately start using the service. A very tiny amount of the orders gets flagged for a manual verification where action on your behalf is required before we can activate the service. Accessing Your Control Panel The login details to access your shared hosting control panel are provided in the Welcome email, which we send to you right after your service gets activated. That admin panel is the place where you manage your hosting account and where you can: add/remove emails domains sub-domains databases generate or restore backups or just get information about the account such as disk usage, for example Log in to your Control Panel Scala Hosting’s shared hosting plans use the well-known cPanel control panel. Go to the Login URL from your Welcome email Type the username from you Welcome email in the Username field Type the the password from your Welcome email in the Password field Click Log in. You will be redirected to the cPanel shared hosting interface. Set up Your Domain Name The domain name is the address of your website which people type in their web browser in order to visit it. Each website needs its own domain name. The set-up of your domain name generally includes the action of pointing the domain to your shared hosting server. That is done by setting the proper name servers for the domain and allowing up to 24 hours of technical time for the change to take effect globally. The nameservers are included in the Welcome email of your shared hosting service and you need to set them to your domain. After you do that, each time someone types in your domain name in the browser’s address bar, they’ll actually load the website from the right server (your server). If you ordered your domain name from Scala Hosting, you don’t need to do anything, as we have already set the correct nameservers for it. If you ordered your domain elsewhere, you need to log into your domain registrar’s control panel to set the nameservers, which we provided in your Welcome email. If you are migrating an existing website from another server, you may want for the migration to be completed first and then you can change the nameservers. Create a New Website or Transfer an Existing If you are creating a new website, you must make sure that your domain is set-up as per the instructions in the previous step. Then, you can proceed with the development of the website and publishing it online on the server. If you are uploading your website manually via FTP, you need to upload the files in the public_html directory. Alternatively, you can use the 1-click Script Installer in the control panel to install your desired application such as: WordPress PrestaShop OpenCart Magento If you want to transfer your existing website, you should be aware that we can do that for you at no extra cost, without downtime. The only thing you have to do is to provide us with the login details to your old server. We’ll use this information to copy all the data including files, databases and emails. Then we’ll also verify that your website loads correctly from the new server. After that, you can change the nameservers to the ones provided in your shared hosting Welcome email and allow some hours for the changes to take effect globally, so that your website is served by your new server with ScalaHosting. To request the migration of a website you simply open a ticket with the Technical Support Department, include the login details to your server and specify the date and time when you want the migration to take place. Set up Your Email Before you can start sending and receiving emails, you need to create an email box and configure it on your favourite email client. Alternatively, you can use the webmail that is accessible from any browser, anywhere in the world, 24/7/365. To create an email box, simply log into the control panel, click on Email accounts - Create button and follow the on-screen instructions. To configure your email in your mail client, use the information below: POP3/IMAP/SMTP server: (the option “My SMTP server requires authentication” must be enabled) Username: enter the whole email address e.g. Password: the password you specified when you created the email box Ports information SMTP: 465 (with SSL), 25 (without SSL) POP3: 995 (with SSL), 110 (without SSL) IMAP: 993 (with SSL), 143 (without SSL) We recommend configuring your email client with the SSL encrypted ports for maximum security. You can access your email box via webmail at: Getting Support Round-the-clock shared hosting support A good shared hosting service provider should provide qualified technical support to its customers. Scala Hosting has two different technical support channels: round-the-clock live chat a quick-reply ticketing system Our live chat is available 24/7/365, so that we can assist you with almost everything real-time. You can also open a sup ort ticket from your client area at: Any issue can be resolved on the live chat, however, we recommend opening a ticket for issues which require something more than answering a question. For example, if you want to get more information and need to speak to someone, the live chat would be the fastest and most efficient help channel for you. If your website is showing an error, a ticket would be better as the technician will need to log into the server, investigate, and if needed make changes. The aforementioned will require 10-15-20 minutes of time which you can use to do something else while we are working on your ticket. On both live chat and tickets, your issue will be looked into immediately. On the live chat, you instantly get connected to a technical support representative who will receive and answer your questions. The average response time to tickets varies between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the issue. Refer Friends and Earn $50 per Signup Tell your friends about Scala Hosting’s good shared hosting deals, so they can enjoy great hosting, too! You’ll get $50 per signup. We can offer you and your affiliates one of the lowest shared hosting prices on the market backed up with qualified round-the-clock technical support and a free SSL on shared hosting for each of our plans.

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