About .co.za Domains

The .za Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) operates and administers the .za domain namespace. .ZADNA is a South African registry that:

  • Regulates .za domains
  • Issues registration licenses to other registries
  • Licenses and regulates international registrars

In addition to this, the .ZADNA complies with international best practices as stipulated by the South African Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services.

What is a .co.za domain

A .co.za domain is a second level country code domain (ccTLD) for South Africa. As usual, .co is a domain abbreviation for company. But, the .za in this extension is an abbreviation for the Dutch Zuid-Afrika.

Who Can Buy a .co.za domain?

Anyone can buy or register a .co.za domain for a minimum of one year. It is open for both individuals and businesses who operate or wish to promote their services to their target audience living in South Africa.

The .co.za domain gives your business the credibility to succeed in a strong economy and the international trade sector based in South Africa.

.co.za Domain Registration Restrictions

You must adhere to specific criteria when registering a.co.za domain.

  • Characters must be between 1-63.
  • Letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens are all appropriate characters (except in the first or last characters of the domain name)
  • You cannot use special characters; & and # are two examples of special characters.
  • IDNs, which stand for Internationalized Domain Names, are also supported. 

Features of the .co.za domain

You can buy a .co.za domain name for a minimum of one year only

Domain Renewal

You must renew your .co.za domain name at least two days before its expiry date. Failure to do this could lead to downtime, suspension of services, and a hefty redemption fee.

It’s possible to renew your .co.za domain at any time. But, we can only process single-year renewals for this type of domain once it expires; and a two-year renewal if you request it before expiration.

If you’ve enabled auto-renew, we attempt to renew it two weeks before its expiration date. You’ll receive an email notification after a successful renewal and will be required to pay the renewal fee upon restoration.

Asides from this, we issue an invoice for our hosting services seven days before your next billing cycle. There’s also a seven-day grace after the billing cycle expires, making this a total of 14 days’ notice. Ensure to fulfill your invoice and renew your domain to enjoy a seamless service. 

Domain Transfer to Scala Hosting

We support the transfer of .co.za domains to Scala Hosting. Unlike the transfer process of other extensions, the .co.za domain does not include an additional year.

Ensure to transfer the domain up to a month before the domain expiration date, so you don’t lose control of it in the process. We recommend you renew the domain at your old registrar before migration. But. It’s okay if you don’t.

To continue the transfer, ZADNA sends an email to each Whois contact (Admin, Owner, Tech, and Billing). For a successful transfer, one party has to approve the transfer. However, if one party denies the transfer or no party votes (approve or deny), the transfer will decline.

If there’s no conclusion in five days, the co.za domain transfer will fail.

Name Server Requirements

You must meet the following name server requirements when hosting a .co,za domain with us.

  • You must use zero to five nameservers and authoritative nameservers. 
  • For Internet protocols, you can use IPv4 or IPv6.
  • You cannot use DNSSEC.

It can take up to seven days to update your name servers. The domain will be locked during this period, and you won’t be allowed to make further changes.

Refunds and Cancellation

We offer a refund for new clients only who cancel a request within 30 days of purchasing a web hosting service. However, we do not give refunds for renewal, transfer, or domain registrations.

Please see our money back guarantee policy for more details.

For cancellations, ensure you place a cancellation request via your client dashboard. 

To do this, click on My Services >> Manage >> Request Cancellation. 

If you place a cancellation request via email, we won’t consider it legitimate. Endeavor to go through the right channel, as cancellation requests may take up to seven days to complete.

An expired domain enters the redemption stage after 30 days and costs $90 to recover and renew your domain once it enters this phase.

Do you want to register or transfer a .co.za domain? Check your domain availability now.



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