Why should I use private nameservers?


Let’s say you have compared multiple reseller hosting packages, considered multiple companies and you have decided what is the best reseller hosting plan for your needs. In this article we will talk about nameservers and what kind of nameservers you should use for your reseller hosting account. That’s an important part of the configuration of your reseller hosting account before you start activating accounts on it for your clients.

Usually, web hosting companies give you an option to use their nameservers or your own private nameservers. No matter which option you choose your web site will operate without problems however there are some great advantages of using private nameservers. First of all, using private nameservers provide a better branding as you will send your clients nameservers such as ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com instead of ns1 and ns2.someotherdomain.com. That makes you not only look better in front of the eyes of your clients but it also gives you some technical advantages which you may need in the future. The biggest advantage comes into play when for some reason you have to change the IP’s provided to you or if you are migrating to a new server with new IP’s. If you were using the nameservers of your hosting provider you will have to contact all your clients and ask them to change the nameservers of all their domains from the old to the new ones. If you are using private nameservers you will be able to change their IP’s yourself and your clients will not have to be bothered to make any changes. The second is better, isn’t it? There is a disadvantage that you should spare some time to configure your private nameservers but if you don’t know how to do it your hosting provider should help you with that. Basically, there are two steps for that process to be completed. The first one is to register the nameservers with the IP addresses provided by your hosting company and the second step is to add DNS A records for the nameservers and point them to the nameservers’ IP’s. Allow 24-48 hours for DNS propogation and you can start using your private nameservers.

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