Get better rank for your WordPress web site

Get better rank for your WordPress web site

Nowadays the #1 target of every web site is to rank as high as possible in Google. There are several key elements to consider if you want to get to page one of Google. Ideally, that would be in the top 3 results. You must pay attention to the following important steps which will dramatically affect your rank.

  1. The title of each of your WordPress pages
  2. The H1, H2 and H3 tags on your pages
  3. The meta keywords and meta description tags
  4. The content on each of the pages
  5. The WordPress hosting plan you use
  6. The external links to your web site
  7. If there is an SSL certificate installed
  8. Crawl errors such as duplicate content, not working links
  9. New content being regularly posted

The title

This is the most important thing you can do for search engines to tell them what is your page about. If you are targeting a specific keyword it must exist in the title of the page. Doing that will dramatically increase your chance to rank higher for the particular keyword. Keep in mind that you can’t add all your keywords in that title though. Remember your page must be relevant in the first place to the content you have on it. Your page title must not exceed 60 characters. If it does search engines will cut from it and it will not look well in the search results. That will decrease your CTR (click through rate). Lower CTR means people don’t find what they are looking for when they see your web site listed in the search results. That plays a negative role for your rank.

H1, H2 and H3 tags

H1 is the most important one. H2 and H3 are optional. All your pages must have a H1 tag. That is the second most important sign search engines use to find out what your web site page is about. Similarly to the title tag the H1 tag must contain the keyword you want to rank for. Remember not to include the keyword too many times on your page as that will play a negative role too. Write the content for the visitors and not search engines. Make sure the content makes sense to people. At the same time follow the guidelines in this article and your WordPress web site will rank very well.

Meta tags

The meta keyword and meta description tags are optional. They used to play a big role in the past. Right now they are not. Some web site owners still add them though. It’s up to you to decide.

Content on each of the WordPress pages

The rule here is the most content you have on your page the most important it will look to search engines. It is important for the content to be unique though. Make sure you write it and you do not use an external web site to copy from it. Google will detect that. If the content is not unique your chances to rank high that page decrease.

WordPress hosting plan

Your hosting plan is important in case you want to rank for a specific region. If you want your WordPress web site to be on the first page of results for a specific country then it will be best to have the web site hosted on a server in the same country.

External links

External links are important. Very important. The web sites in top 3 have plenty of them. In the past the quantity of those links mattered alot. Nowadays the quality of links is more important. The best links are those that are created naturally by other people. Other people will link to your web site if contains useful content which is interesting. Natural links are usually not enough. That’s why you need to look for ways to get more. Never try to get links from web sites that have nothing to do with the niche of your web site. They will negatively affect your ranking.

SSL certificate

Starting in 2017, Google Chrome will show a warning for web sites which don’t have an SSL certificate installed. Installing an SSL will also help rank higher. If you don’t have the money to pay for one you can use a free SSL certificate from Comodo.

Web site errors

Scan your web site with a tool such as MOZ crawl tool to ensure your web site has no broken links or pages with duplicate content. All such errors must be fixed. If your web site has errors search engines will penalize it.

Posting regularly new content

If your web site is not regularly updated it can’t rank well. You must be spending enough time to post articles and unique content in your niche which is helpful. In that way other people will link to your content. You will get more links and better rank. Posting new articles with content is also useful for internal links. That has a great effect on ranking high. The most important here is for the content to be unique. Articles must have at least 500 words.

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