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How to migrate a WordPress web site?

Have you ever been unhappy with your web hosting provider and you wanted to switch to a new one? I am sure many people will answer with yes to this question. When you want to change your hosting provider you sometimes need to do the migration of your web site yourself. If you are ready with your choice about the new hosting provider and you prefer to migrate the web site yourself then this article will guide you how to do it most quickly and easily without any downtime. Most web sites nowadays are powered by WordPress. Migrating a WordPress web site from one cPanel hosting provider to another one is very easy task. The migration process is much easier than finding the best WordPress hosting plan for your web site.

wordpress website transfer

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How can I find the best WordPress hosting plan?

This is one of the most asked questions nowadays because WordPress is the most used platform for powering web sites. People are wondering how to decide which is the best wordpress hosting plan for them. We can answer that from our perspective based on the WordPress hosting services that we provide. Below you can see an infographic of our WP plans.

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Top 3 security issues for WordPress sites

WordPress security has become a huge topic in the last couple of years. The most time passes the most we are talking about WordPress security. As per Google’s statistics security has been the biggest issue for web sites these days. That’s why we have decided to write an article about the top 3 security issues for WordPress we have seen in our daily routines interacting with customers using WordPress as a platform for their web sites. We will list them below. All of them are important and most compromised web sites we have seen were compromised because of them. All WordPress users must be aware that even the best WordPress hosting can’t save a compromise if they are running a vulnerable WordPress setup.

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