The future of hosting

The future of hostingIn the last couple of years there have already been published a huge amount of articles, concerning the importance of online marketing. However, we would just like to sum up briefly the benefits of it in order to present to you the role of web hosting in the business sphere. Firstly, the online marketing will help you establish a two-way communication with your customers. This is important to the business owners, because it becomes easier to gain your clients’ trust and to satisfy their needs as soon as possible. View more

What does a managed VPS include?

What does a managed VPS include?If you are running a small or a middle sized business, you surely came to the conclusion that a professional website is a must for your company’s success. Not only will you be able to promote and sell your goods, but to establish a stable bridge for communication with your clients. After you’ve created the website, you need to register a domain name and choose a web hosting provider. Because of the fact that the web hosting business is flourishing nowadays, you might find it a bit difficult to find a reliable web host. View more

Even the cheapest WordPress hosting is better than free hosting

Even the cheapest WordPress hosting is better than free hostingEvery business company needs a website in order to establish itself on the web. The easiest way to complete this task is by using a website builder. With the everyday growing number of hosting companies, it has become a real challenge to find a reliable web hosting provider. The owners of websites, often created through the website builder WordPress, spend hours and hours comparing offers and features in order to find a thrust-worthy host and a suitable plan. However, during the research process you are bound to come across some “irresistible” advertisements, offering free web hosting. View more