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Let’s Talk About Hosting Security

hosting security

I can certainly say that security is the biggest problem of web sites at the moment. That is confirmed by Google research as well. Thousands of web sites are getting compromised on daily basis. Then hackers use those web sites to spread malware, upload phishing web sites to steal personal information and credit cards or send junk mail. The biggest problem is that people can’t find a permanent solution to those security issues because of multiple factors. I will try to cover the most important ones in this article and show how ScalaHosting can help.

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Becoming a hosting provider

Many people believe that it is very easy to start a successful web hosting business. They are right. You can buy a cpanel reseller hosting account and have your web hosting company up and running in minutes. That is pretty easy to do but it doesn’t make your hosting company successful. So, what do you need to do to make it successful?

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cPanel Reseller Hosting or VPS hosting

That’s the first question. You can find the answer at

If you have a higher budget you can consider starting with a dedicated server. A cloud server is a great option too as it will allow you to scale and add more CPU/Memory/Disk space as you grow. In that way you will have full access to your server, you will be able to sell both shared and reseller hosting and you will pay as much as you use. The best option would be to have separate servers for the separate hosting services you offer. That will require a higher budget though but you will be able to separate the services and that will allow you to administrate them better. You will be able to offer different features to your shared and reseller hosting customers.

The decision mainly depends on the budget you have for starting your business. The most money you have the biggest your chances are to succeed. Let’s look at different budget scenarios.

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Data protection in shared web hosting plans

I am sure that every person using shared web hosting services is concerned about the protection of their data especially when there are other people on the same server who can try to compromise it and steal data. Scala Hosting works on improving security of our shared hosting servers and there is always a lot to do in that regard. I will share some of the things we do and they happen behind the scenes hidden from the customers` eyes. We have developed custom security software which scans all files within the public_html directories of the clients and looks for configuration files and other files which contain sensitive information such as mysql login details and fixes their permissions in case they are wrong. When a web site is compromised on a server in many cases the attacker looks for files with insecure permissions which he has access to in order to steal login details which can later be used to compromise more web sites. That’s why it is important to keep the permissions of such files set to 600 or even 400. In that way noone else will be able to read them except you.

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