Top Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Web hosting is necessary for all types of web sites which want to make a presence on the internet. Hosting of websites is offered by many companies at competent prices. One can opt for any company for having ones website hosted on the internet by comparing the services and the prices of the different companies. Web hosting can broadly be classified into shared web hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. All three vary in terms of the services and the price at which web hosting is offered.

reseller hosting

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Useful reseller hosting tips

Are you planning to get into the web hosting business? In this article we will talk about reseller hosting and we will give you some useful tips to start your web hosting company and start offering web hosting with superior performance. Starting with a reseller hosting account is the easiest way to get into the business as it costs less than a server and still allows you to sell hosting. If you have a higher budget you can also start with a vps or a dedicated server. In this article we will talk about reseller hosting mainly.


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HDD vs SSD reseller hosting. Quick guide.

In this article we want to give you more information about the different types of drives used in web servers to provide the best reseller hosting services. There is big difference between the two and we will explain below what it is and how it affects the performance of your server. Choosing a server with powerful hardware will allow your web sites to load quicker. That is a big factor nowadays. If your web site takes more than 3-4 seconds to load you will lose visitors. That’s why it is important to choose the right hosting company which can deliver quality services by using proper hardware and providing adequate technical support.

hdd or ssd reseller hosting

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