Scala Hosting: Taking Reliability to a New Level

Recently, Lori Soard, a freelance writer and editor, interviewed Scala Hosting CEO which we decided to share in our company blog. We think many customers will find the information useful. We have thousands of reseller hosting customers and we believe they will like to know more about Scala Hosting and its success. Then they can probably use some of the steps in their own business and be as successful as we are.

Scala Hosting: Taking Reliability to a New Level

Interview details

The interview covers multiple topics. It provides information about how Scala Hosting has been planned and how long that process took. What steps were taken to choose our datacenter we partnered with and some personal information. The interview was published on one of the top blogs about web hosting. You can read the full interview at

Furthermore you will also see some interesting pictures such as Scala Hosting’s staff having a team building activity on ATV’s and a picture of one of our cabinets showing a couple of servers nicely racked and cabled. Each server has 3 cables going to it. One for the public network, a second cable which we use for the local network and a third cable for IPMI access. The local network is very important. All servers perform their backups on daily basis via that network to ensure we always have an archive of our clients’ data in case they need it. The IPMI device is what Scala Hosting uses to manage their servers. IPMI allows us to start, stop and restart servers. We can install operating systems and perform anything which requires console access.

The interview also mentions Scala Hosting’s unique features which are the reason why clients choose us. Our unique features and dedication to make clients feel happy is the key to our successful business. The hosting market nowadays is highly competitive. It is still hard for people and businesses to find the right web hosting company. The company which will provide quality hosting at affordable price because that is what we do. We provide high quality web hosting services to businesses and individuals at affordable prices. That’s why our clients love us. Read some Scala Hosting reviews on our Facebook page in order to find out. If you are a customer and you want to post your thoughts, we will appreciate if you spend some time and share your experience with us.

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Scala Hosting’s Review for 2016

Scala Hosting's Review for 2016

Looking back at 2016 we can certainly say that Scala Hosting had another very successful year in the web hosting industry. We have done a lot to improve the services and add more value to them. We would like to outline below some of the big moments for us that happened in 2016 at Scala Hosting.

30% growth in new customers

We had 30% more new customers compared to 2015. In fact, our November statistics compared to November 2015 show almost 200% increase which tells us we have done a great job by serving our customers well and they recommend us to their friends and business partners for web hosting services.

95% customers satisfaction

95% of the total ratings of our clients in both tickets and live chats were positive.

50% staff increase

In 2016 we have increased our staff members by 50%. We expect our staff to double in 2017.

Upgraded shared hosting plans

We have upgraded both web hosting plans and reseller hosting plans. They now have unlimited bandwidth and some of them come with unlimited disk space too. We have bundled new features with the plans for free such as free ClientExec billing system, free SSL certificates and priority support. Priority support allowed customers to get their issues looked into on urgent basis getting the tickets looked into in less than 5 minutes.

Scala Hosting's Review for 2016

Upgraded SSD Cloud Hosting Platform

We have added 4 times more processing power, 6 times more memory and 3 times more disk space. The ssd cloud hosting cluster now includes hundreds of CPU cores, hundreds of GB’s of RAM, and tens of TB’s of SSD disk space. The upgrades were performed for both our sites in the United States and Europe.

The cloud network was upgraded from 1Gbps to 40Gbps decreasing latency to less than 1ms. The storage was also upgraded. The old storage had 2 copies of data on 2 separate devices. The new ssd cloud cluster keeps 3 copies of data on 3 separate storage devices. The new system utilizes a 100% distributed storage farm with data being encrypted.

Scala Hosting's Review for 2016

Added many new services

We have started multiple new services. We will list them below.

Scala Hosting's Review for 2016

Scala Hosting's Review for 2016

Scala Hosting's Review for 2016

40% Google rank increase

We have written lots of articles in our blog and shared them on social media such as Facebook and Twitter which increased the rank of Scala Hosting in Google. As a result we got 40% more visits from the organic search than in 2015.

Those are some of the big “things” that happened. There were many other minor improvements which we don’t want to mention here because this article will become endless and you may get tired to read it completely.

And now 2017 is coming and we are positively looking at it. There is always room for improvement and we are going to keep up the good work in 2017 too and continue to keep customers happy and continue to increase the value of our services.

We have planned what we are going to improve at the beginning of 2017 to make customers feel better while partnering with Scala Hosting. We are going to upgrade our network to 10Gbps uplinks, look into adding DDoS protection and improve the security of customers’ individual accounts and servers by implementing a new security system which we are going to start testing in January 2017. It will help decrease the number of compromised web sites due to their owners not securing them as they should.

Thank you for your trust and support in 2016.

We are looking to continue working with you in 2017.

Happy New Year!