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What is Cloud Hosting?

cloud hosting

Let’s first start by explaining what cloud computing is. It will put the beginning of our article which will answer the question what is cloud hosting. First of all, cloud computing recently became popular. Businesses and individuals use it today due to its advantages over standalone computing and the benefits it brings. Cloud computing is a process of sharing guaranteed systems resources in a farm of multiple servers. The resources are CPU, memory, disk space, network speed and others. That allows the cloud computing owner to utilize the systems resources in a more efficient way. As a result, it costs less. That is one of the biggest benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing can bring alot of speed an reliability if we compare it to standalone servers. Applications will run quicker and total expenses will be lower.

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Is cloud hosting secure?

Cloud hosting is rapidly growing and people are switching from traditional servers to ssd cloud servers. Why? The advantages of cloud hosting are many. For sure there are disadvantages too but the advantages are more. That’s why that type of hosting becomes more popular for both individuals and businesses around the globe. Is cloud hosting as secure as as the traditional hosting though? Let’s find out.

ssd cloud hosting security

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