Best WordPress hosting for busy web sites

Best WordPress hosting for busy web sites

Most of the web sites these days are powered by WordPress which makes it pretty easy to build unified hosting solutions which are optimized to perform at their best and serve many thousands of visitors with less CPU and RAM resources. At the end the owner of the web site will have to pay less for web hosting and their wordpress web site will perform at its best. There are both free and paid solutions to build a wordpress hosting solution and it is really up to your budget to choose the best WordPress hosting plan for you.

Free WordPress server tuning software

The easiest way to make your WP web site use less resources requires some simple steps. The first one is to remove any plugins you installed just for testing purposes and you don’t actually need them but they utilize systems resources every time someone visits your web site. Another step would be to use plugins from trusted developers who know how to do their job and code efficiently so that the plugin doesn’t max out your CPU. The best would be to code your own plugins specifically developed for your needs. You will get much more efficiency and control in return. The initial investment for that would be higher though. Once you have the plugins issue sorted out it’s time to check and install a caching plugin. It will create static content of all your public web site’s area. In that way when visitors access your web site the content provided to them will be from static html files instead of php scripts executing queries to the database to get the information and then show it to the visitor. Each such database query is both CPU and IO intensive process which affects the load of the server and the performance of your web site. The caching plugin will visit each of your links once to generate the static content and then it will use that content to show it to the visitors without accessing the database and utilizing systems resources. Some of the best caching plugins to consider for your WordPress web site are WP Super cache and W3 Total cache. We would recommend using WP Super cache if you have to stick to a free tuning solution. That’s what you can do on your end to speed up the web site and make it use less resources. Your hosting provider can do alot to make your WP web site perform at its best no matter if you installed a caching plugin or not and that can be done by properly configuring the web server, the database server and PHP. Choosing the proper web server is key in making your web site load instantly. A good solution here would be a mix of Apache, Nginx, opcache and MariaDB with all InnoDB tables stored in the RAM of the server. Nginx may act as a proxy for the static content and Apache/PHP can be configured with opcache to decrease the CPU usage when php scripts are executed. It’s a must the database to be configured to use InnoDB tables only so that you can cache 100% of the data and store it in the RAM.

Best WordPress hosting solution

Alot can be done here and it all depends on your budget but some of the most important steps to get the maximum of your server’s resources will be explained here. First of all, as explained in the first part of the article, remove any unused plugins, use plugins only from trusted developers or code your own. After that your server can be configured in a way to be able to handle many thousands of visitors per day by utilizing a fraction of CPU and memory resources. To do that you would need to use the best web server which is LiteSpeed. You would also need to configure it correctly of course in case you want to serve more than 20 000 visitors per day. The best caching plugin for WordPress available so far is the LiteSpeed plugin. It will allow you to serve many many thousands of visitors with a small but correctly configured cloud vps. The plugin is developed to communicate with LiteSpeed directly and use the built-in caching system of the web server. It improves performance and efficiency drastically. Look at the graph below to see the difference.

Best WordPress hosting for busy web sites

That’s about the web server and the backend of your WP install. The database configuration plays a big role too. Make sure your WP database tables are all innodb and your database server is configured to cache it completely. In that way all requests will be served from the RAM which is much faster than any hard drive. An ssd cloud vps will boost the performance additionally decreasing the latency and load times for your WordPress web site. Optimization takes some time to do but if planned properly it pays back thousands times.

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